Who We Are

At Innovest Portfolio Solutions, we are more than an investment firm. We are thoughtful stewards responsible for our clients, professionals and community.

Innovest is an independent provider of investment-related consulting services for:

Our Story

CEO Richard Todd and President Wendy Dominguez co-founded Innovest Portfolio Solutions in 1996 with a mission of stewardship: creating investment solutions that serve the best interest of clients. Innovest is committed to being stewards to clients through innovative investment strategies to reach their goals.

The conviction to serve others and create a client-centric firm originated when Rich and Wendy left their Wall Street firm to establish one of the first fee-only investment consulting firms in this region. This fee-only model minimizes conflicts of interest and allows us to give clients objective advice.

When Rich and Wendy started Innovest, hiring a team of stewards was paramount to the type of service they wanted to provide to clients. Today, the Innovest team is comprised of a unique combination of talent, integrity and stewardship. Innovest team members have comprehensive backgrounds in investment consulting, money management, accounting, benefits consulting, tax and estate planning and retirement plan administration.

Our professional team’s experience and our more than 20 years in business working across business lines enables us to leverage our industry clout to access unique opportunities.