Pundit Corner: Bill Gross of PIMCO

When the manager of more than $668 billion in fixed-income securities opines about interest rates and the bond market, numerous investors take notice. The person they pay heed to is Bill Gross, the Managing Director of PIMCO, a subsidiary of Germany-based financial giant Allianz SE. 

While Gross and PIMCO have an excellent track record in bond fund management, Innovest Portfolio Solutions considers past performance as only one of the indispensable factors in its due diligence scrutiny. An investment firm’s organization, people, process, philosophy and expenses are some of the essential qualitative criteria in our ongoing analysis and recommendations for our clients. 

In addition to frequent interviews in the financial media, Gross’ outlook for inflation and interest rates is made known through his periodic circular “Investment Outlook.” Often sprinkled with his personal stories and political views, Gross' most recent perspectives are available by clicking here.