Encouraging Spanish-speakers' participation in retirement plans

I’m excited to be writing a blog on this article. Employee communications for Spanish speaking employees is a passion of mine that is near and dear to my heart. Being of Hispanic descent, I witnessed my own parents experience retirement plan presentations and at the dinner table that night discuss how they could not participate. The reasons were all of the misconceptions listed in this article. It is difficult for me to look back with the knowledge I have now and accept that these misconceptions resulted in my parents not participating in their retirement plan.

Melissa Burkhart and Ferney Colorado do an amazing job in their article title Encouraging Spanish-speakers’ participation in retirement plans in recognizing a need that is long over due. There article emphasizes the importance for employers to tailor their employee communications to their audience. In this case, with Spanish-speaking employees being the audience, employers are recommended they hire presenters that, have a financial background, understand the culture and can convey the information effectively to their employees which entails more than just direct translation. Employers are also encouraged to address the misconceptions Spanish-speaking employees may have. The article identifies some of the misconceptions as well as explains why employers should be addressing these in their employee communications. I would agree that if employers incorporate these suggestions into their employee communications the results would be an increase in plan participation of Spanish-speaking employees.  To read the article in its entirety click here.