Growth vs Value

In a recent Pensions & Investments article, "Line blurs further between growth and value strategies," several investment advisers noted that the differentiation between growth and value stocks has decreased significantly in recent years.  Because of a smaller dispersion in stocks' relative valuations and forward growth potential, a larger number of stocks have become attractive to both sets of managers.  As a result, money manager due diligence needs to focus all the more on managers' investment process and philosophy.  (Click here for the article.)  In addition, there has been a widening gap in year-to-date performance for the Morningstar categories for Large Cap Growth (+6.53%), Mid Cap Growth (+9.86%) and Small Cap Growth (+5.95%), over their Value counterparts (+2.90%, +4.20%, and +0.21%, respectively).  These performance disparities could further widen with ongoing increases in market volatility.