Survey: Business Conditions Continue to Slide

Each month the executive services firm Tatum surveys its nationwide professionals regarding economic and business conditions.  Located in 33 offices across the U.S., Tatum is the nation's largest executive
services firm serving more than 3,000 companies in a variety of industries. 

As of March 1, 2008, the Tatum Survey of Business Conditions indicated that the overall U.S. economy has "sunk more deeply in a period of negative growth."  Small and locally-orientated companies are facing tougher conditions (as compared to large companies), and lenders continue to tighten the terms for less credit-worthy businesses. International and technology firms are holding up relatively well versus their peers. The western states' business conditions are "more favorable than any other region."  For the March 2008 report, please click here.

EconomicsScott Middleton