Economist: Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Tucker Hart Adams, a former member of Innovest's advisory board, has a straightforward approach to our health care dilemma.

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My father was an engineer, and he always insisted on buying the simplest piece of machinery available, arguing, “The more complicated it is, the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong.“
In listening to the various proposals to deal with the problems facing the U.S., I think that piece of advice from 60 years ago still applies. Take the health insurance issue, for example. There are various proposals wending their way through Congress, each hundreds of pages long. Everyone can find something with which to disagree.

The solution isn’t complicated. First, it needs to be mandatory that everyone purchase health insurance. There is plenty of precedent. We already have to purchase auto insurance if we are going to get a car licensed, to pay into Social Security and Medicare.

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