What Do The Mid-Term Elections Mean For Investors?

It seems like the 2010 campaign season has been in force forever (or at least since the 2008 election), but the dust finally has settled and the results are in. Although a couple of races remain too close to call, the Republican Party won a resounding victory in gaining over 60 seats to retake the House of Representatives (the largest shift since 1948), while the Democrats managed to narrowly hold on to the Senate. From an investment perspective, observers now are turning their attention from following the candidates’ promises to wondering what the election results, and the seating of the 112th Congress in January, might mean for the financial markets.

Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist at BlackRock, takes a look at the prevailing political trends, discusses a few “hot button” issues that will have some bearing on the financial markets and offers some thoughts as to how the election results might impact investors’ portfolios.  Click here for the article.

Steven Karsh