The Value of Consistency

An article by Innovest's Steven Karsh, Scott Middleton, and Amina Adnan from the Innovest 3rd Quarter 2010 Newsletter, "The Research Report."

The first decade of the new millennium was a wild and unpleasant ride for long-term investors. From 2000
to 2009, equity markets around the globe became increasingly volatile. The early part of the decade had calendar year losses in the S&P 500 of 9%, 12%, and 22%, followed by five years of solid gains with annual returns ranging from 5% to 29%. These gains were followed by a steep loss of 37% in 2008 and a large rebound in 2009 of more than 26%. These severe whipsaws have tested even the most resilient investors to stay true to a disciplined investment approach and remain diversified.

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