Innovest's Employee Spotlight

For the fourth consecutive year, Innovest is sponsoring four students from Arrupe Jesuit High School. Students intern at Innovest through the school’s Corporate Work Study Program. The majority of students participating are from families below the poverty line and will be the first in their families to graduate from high school and hopefully college. Arrupe students attend classes four days per week and intern one day at a company, such as Innovest.

Leslie Astudillo-Rangel – Senior

Leslie is interning for the first time at Innovest. She organizes her schedule to work on homework and scholarships. She would like to attend Loyola University of Chicago. Life in college for Leslie will be busy as she hopes to double major in psychology and sociology, as well as earn a minor in journalism.

Anahi Sanchez – Junior

Anahi returns to Innovest for her third year. She keeps busy with school work and her work at Innovest. Her favorite subject is English. Her goal is to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is still deciding on her course of study, but is interested in the medical field.

Fernando Rodriguez – Sophomore

This is Fernando’s second year at Innovest. He is well-known for his snappy bowties that he wears each week. Fernando has a great attitude and happily takes on any task assigned to him, even the tedious ones. Fernando ultimately wants to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder and become a doctor or a nurse.

Erika Esmeralda Guardado – Freshman

Erika is our new freshman worker. She demonstrates an ability to come out of her comfort zone by standing up for what is right, doing public speaking, and joining sports. Erika plans to attend college in Colorado and has set her eyes on the University of Colorado Boulder, Regis University, or University of Denver.