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Considering the Alternatives: Reinsurance and Life Settlements

Today's low interest rate environment and increased uncertainty in global financial markets have fueled demand for alternative, uncorrelated returns for investment portfolios. This demand has led to the growth and accessibility of non-traditional investments, including two insurance-related areas: reinsurance and life settlements. Click here to read more. The article begins on page 5.

Source: Innovest Portfolio Solutions

An Excellent Paper on Liquid Listed Private Equity

Adam Goldman of Red Rocks Capital outlined the characteristics of listed private equity in a recent well written white paper.  "Whether it is in a traditional limited partnership format or in a listed prrivate equity vehicle, the expectation is the same: strong overall investment performance from a well diversified portfolio of top private equity funds."  Click here to read the paper.

More Options Help Investors Counter Rising Correlations

While globalization and financial system turmoil have caused many traditional asset categories to perform more closely in tandem during the past decade, the improved liquidity and accessibility of newer investment categories has given investors more options to construct portfolios.  Click here for an interesting chart and analysis from Fidelity Investments.