Building Community and Giving Back

Innovest supports our community and encourages giving back as we realize success. 

We know that we can make the greatest impact on our community by supporting causes important to our neighbors, employees and clients.  Innovest provides financial and volunteer support to more than 50 nonprofit organizations throughout each year and presents quarterly opportunities for our employees to give back. We are proud to be a charitably focused firm.

Our 2019 projects include:

  • Project C.U.R.E.

  • Central City Opera House

  • Brothers Redevelopment Paint-A-Thon

  • Project Angel Heart

  • Christ in the City

  • Urban Peak

  • Art for the Nations

  • MuckFest MS

  • United Way

  • Adopt-a-Family

  • Denver Santa Claus Shop

  • D.I.R.T.

  • School Supply, Clothing and Toy Drives

Our 2018 projects included:

  • Project C.U.R.E.

  • Central City Opera House

  • Brothers Redevelopment Paint-A-Thon

  • Project Angel Heart

  • Food Bank of the Rockies

  • Two weeks of giving in June and December that include clothing drives, school supply drive, the Denver Santa Claus Shop, blessing bag assembly, GraceFull Cafe volunteering, and the American Heart Association Walk

Arrupe Jesuit High School Corporate Work Study Program

Since 2014 Innovest has employed four students from Arrupe through the school’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). This unique school provides a college preparatory education and gives each student four years of work experience by partnering with local businesses. During their time at Arrupe, each student is “employed” by a company and in exchange, the company pays a portion of their tuition.

Arrupe students are from economically disadvantaged families. They are usually the first from their families to not only graduate from high school, but also attend college. Each of the students is assigned a professional mentor at Innovest. CEO Richard Todd also personally established a college scholarship fund for Arrupe students. The CWSP program is very successful. In 2018, 100% of Arrupe’s graduates were accepted into at least one college or university. The class of 2018 earned more than $13 million in scholarships.

To learn more about Arrupe, click here.