Families and Family Offices

Innovest serves families by creating custom investment solutions and sophisticated reporting based on your unique goals.

Creating Custom Solutions for You

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Based on your family’s needs, our services span the entire spectrum of planning and investment advice. Our significant experience in the wealthy family and taxable investor marketplace has helped us evaluate and design leading-edge solutions for our clients.

Building a Portfolio to Reach Your Goals

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Innovest will work with you to ensure that your portfolio serves your unique overall family structure, goals, objectives and risk tolerance.  We will quantify total return and return expectations as well as downside risk tolerance. This process is ongoing, as personal objectives change and markets provide opportunities.


Acting in Your Best Interest

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Our revenue is 100 percent derived from our clients. We cannot build a true partnership with our clients if we accept compensation from fund managers or investment products. Our fee-only compensation promotes objectivity for our clients.


Approaching Asset Allocation with a Forward Look

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Innovest looks forward approximately five to 10 years when evaluating the capital markets, including the changes in the global economy and asset class fundamentals and valuations. Using a thoughtful and methodical approach, Innovest designs investment portfolios on a forward-looking basis by combining client-specific objectives with our long-term projections for risk, returns and asset class correlations.