Operating Reserves

Innovest serves boards, committees and trustees by creating comprehensive and custom investment solutions to ensure alignment of portfolios with goals and objectives.  

Creating Custom Solutions for You

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We bring the best ideas from our more than 20 years in business and promote best practices for the prudent management of an organization’s funds. Depending on your needs, our investment-related services can span the entire spectrum of discretionary or nondiscretionary advice. Our significant experience working with operating reserves has helped us evaluate and design leading-edge solutions for our clients.

Designing a Portfolio to Reach Your Goals

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We work with clients to position their portfolios to achieve success. We understand the components that drive returns and how they relate to the balance of the portfolio. We quantify a client’s downside risk tolerance to balance with return objectives and other important goals.


Acting in Your Best Interest

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As stewards to our clients, close collaboration with the organizations with which we work is fundamental to our consulting work.  Innovest embraces our role as co-fiduciary by identifying and implementing best practices, providing support and guidance to identify objectives and risk tolerances for the portfolio, and conducting education on a range of topics, from meeting fiduciary obligations to investments and the capital markets.

Earning Your Confidence through an Experienced and Credentialed Team

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Our team is comprised of professionals who possess talent and integrity. Innovest team members have comprehensive backgrounds in investment consulting, money management, trading, alternative due diligence, accounting, benefits consulting and fiduciary consulting. Our consultants average more than 20 years of industry experience.