Research is the cornerstone of our firm.

Innovest is powered by robust, independent research generated by our dedicated, in-house research team. The majority of our team is dedicated to research. Many of our professionals come from money management backgrounds and are Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). The size of our research team is a testament to the amount of work we feel is necessary to fully evaluate and analyze investment products that are appropriate for clients. We differentiate our research from others by employing a proprietary approach that help us better understand and assess risk exposures and potential market anomalies. Our edge lies in our ability to analyze and identify unique strategies and opportunities within our distinctive risk management process.

Our investment research looks forward.

Investors have suffered tremendous penalties by investing purely through a “rear-view mirror."    Our annual capital markets research and projections allow us to support our forward-looking approach to help clients respond to dynamic economic conditions.

We utilize a time-tested and proven process. 

Our process is iterative, which takes what we know from the past along with what we anticipate in the future to build optimal portfolios for our clients.  Using state-of-the-art analytical tools and our collegial relationships with external research partners, we conduct extensive analysis on managers and constantly monitor their performance. Our process is focused on “why” results happened, not only on benchmark comparisons. We work to understand the components that drive returns, whether they are sound and acceptable, and how they relate to the balance of the portfolio. We quantify a client's downside risk tolerance to balance with return objectives and other important goals.