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Experienced Professional Team

Our team is comprised of professionals who possess a unique combination of talent and integrity. Innovest team members have comprehensive backgrounds in investment consulting, money management, accounting, benefits consulting, tax and estate planning, fiduciary consulting, and retirement plan administration. This professional experience helps foster valuable partnerships with our clients and their trusted advisors.


100% of our revenue comes directly from our clients. We cannot build a true partnership with our clients if we accept compensation from fund managers or investment products. Serving two masters corrupts advice, and the focus on improving investor performance becomes secondary. Our fee-only compensation promotes total objectivity for our clients.


Innovest is proactive and forward-focused in every aspect of its pursuit to increase portfolio returns while decreasing risks and costs. Marketing departments at money management firms often push historical performance, which reinforces the tendency of investors to chase performance (i.e. buy high and sell low). Our motivation is to identify reliable strategies, talented managers, and investment products with a sustainable edge in the future.

Independent and Objective

Our fee-only structure places us on the same side of the table with our clients. Our independence means they are not limited to proprietary platforms, investment products, or research. We search for optimal strategies to improve client performance. In building portfolios, we are committed to a "best-of-breed" philosophy that is never tainted by misaligned incentives or commissions.