Giving Relationally: Prioritizing a Culture of Empathy and Joy

"In the funder-grantee relationship, when we can mutually encourage and learn from one another, there is a deep sense of joy that makes even the toughest periods of organizational growth worth enduring. When we achieve this, we move from being solely funders to being more like partners called to work together to achieve something greater than we could have done alone. And that makes all the difference in our work." Click here to read more from the Center of Effective Philanthropy about giving relationally and prioritizing a culture of empathy and joy.

Source: Center for Effective Philanthropy

Politics Matter - Sometimes

Elections, terrorist attacks and wars can send stock, bond and other markets into violent spasms. Some of these geo-political events tend to have relatively inconsequential and short-term impacts on economies and financial markets. However, other events can have significant medium- to long-term ramifications. “Politics Matters – Sometimes” explores how long-term investors can discern which events tend to have lasting and long-term impacts on the markets. Click here to read more.

Source: CFA Institute