Warn Clients About These Social Security Scams

It's time to start being very careful about giving away personal information over the phone and internet. According to Gale Stallworth Stone, acting Inspector General of Social Security, "Social Security Administration (SSA) impersonation schemes target Americans for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining Social Security numbers."  What's even more frightening about this statement is that reports of SSA impersonation are on the rise, per the Office of Inspector General's latest fraud advisory. Click here to read more on this topic and discover ways to protect yourself against these types of scams. 

Source: Financial Advisor Magazine

Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart never fails to prove that small interventions can have huge impacts. Data shows that access to healthier food options can improve the health conditions of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. By providing "home-delivered, medically tailored meals," Project Angel Heart continues to have a profound influence on the health outcomes of individuals living with cancer, HIV and other life threatening diseases. That is why Innovest loves volunteering at Project Angel Heart! Whether we are decorating, packing or delivering meal bags, we are proud to work alongside such a great and effective organization.

To learn more about Project Angel Heart please visit their website at:



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Innovest's Office Walls Reinforce Employee's Core Values

Reflecting Innovest's culture of stewardship, new office signs highlight employee's core values: the 4 C's and 5 H's. These core values inspire stewardship, innovation and excellence for our clients.

The 4 C's:

1. Chemistry - Likeable, especially in a team environment

2. Character - A steward and trustworthy

3. Capacity - Skillful, great attitude and have leadership qualities

4. Contribution - proven, and a winner

The 5 H's

1. Happy

2. Humble

3. Honest

4. Hungry

5. Hardworking

These signs are a daily reminder for employees to live the qualities that have built Innovest and continue to move it forward.

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Christine Hudek
Pastors Can No Longer Itemize Deductions for Business Expenses

According to Richard Hammer, "prior to The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, certain business expenses were deductible if, in aggregate, they exceeded 2 percent of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income." However, recent tax reform means that certain business expenses are no longer deductible. This article suggests that small churches will be the ones bearing the brunt of these changes. Click here to read more.

Source: Christianity Today

Socially Responsible Investing Comes of Age

Socially Responsible Investing has emerged as a significant trend with competitive returns over both short and long terms. By demonstrating solid long-term returns, we’re likely to see more widespread adoption of these strategies in the future. Click here to read more.

Source: Charles Schwab

FYI, SRIRichard M. Todd
Reflections on a Dramatic Year for Retirement Plan Regulation

This article dives into the implications of the "Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule being vacated by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals." This decision has brought a sense of confusion among retirement plan sponsors as they attempt to manage and maintain relationships with their service providers.

Furthermore, this article concludes on the subject of missing participants and mentions how "they often find plan sponsors at fault for not making a good faith effort to locate them."

Click here to learn more about what's happening in retirement plan regulation.


Clifton Strengths Assessment

Nearly 19 million people have completed the Clifton Strengths assessment and Innovest employees are included. Upon hire, each Innovest employee takes the assessment designed to discover what they naturally do best, learn how to develop their greatest talents and use their customized assessment results to live their best life.

Innovest breaks down the results and uses this information to assign work projects and work teams to achieve an efficient and well-rounded end product. The strengths are routinely discussed with Innovest mentors and ways to work more within the strength skill set are identified. Further, strengths of employees are highly visible and posted outside everyone’s working area.

Fun Fact:

Innovest’s collective top four strengths are belief, responsibility, learner and achiever.

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Meet Innovest's Newest College Intern

Karim Zia is a rising senior from UCLA studying Business Economics. He is also minoring in Environmental Systems and Society.

Five Fun Facts about Karim

1. Karim has traveled to more than 20 countries.

2. Karim has played soccer since he was four years old - that's 16 years.

3. Karim is a foodie.

4. Karim and his brother started their own sports beverage company.

5. Karim is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos.

Source: Innovest


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