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Urban Peak

Urban Peak, a Denver based nonprofit, works to provide services to Denver’s homeless youth. Their goal is to equip young adults with the skills to overcome difficult challenges and become self-sufficient.  Urban Peak provides overnight shelter, employment programs, a drop-in day center, street outreach, educational and employment services and supportive housing. In 2016, Urban Peak served 1,814 youth, with many moving on to have stable lives. On Monday, October 22nd, Urban Peak is hosting its annual fundraiser, “Plates for the Peak”. Come enjoy specialty drinks, fabulous food, music and a silent auction to support Urban Peak! Tickets are available for purchase online.

5 Tips to Support High-Impact Charities not Good Marketing

Giving back to charities and nonprofits is something that many people value and do on a regular basis. However, increased competition in the nonprofit landscape has caused some organizations to develop misleading donor pitches. Matt Aspegren helps explain why individuals should be wary of where they place their donor money. His main piece of advice: be very careful when selecting charities and nonprofits to invest in. This article offers five tips on how to distinguish between donor pitches that are just good stories versus ones that are legitimate and could truly benefit from a substantial investment. Click here to read more about how you can support high-impact charities and not just good marketing.

Source: Excellence in Giving

The Art of the "Ask": Six tactics frequently ignored by nonprofit fund developers & CEOs

"Most nonprofit board members and managers have acquired a measured of savvy when it comes to raising funds for their organizations. They have learned that building trust with current and prospective donors is the key to maintaining meaningful support." Click here to learn more ways to strengthen donor relationships and possibly increase contributions.


Source: Nonprofit Management


Philanthropy Is the Lifeblood of Family Continuity

"Because philanthropy causes people to think of something bigger than themselves, it can be one of the most powerful forces for keeping a family together. If your client's goal is to keep her family members together across the generations, this may be the best way of achieving it" . Click here to read more.

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Research Your Interests

How do you solve problems you care about? You do research. See how the research Excellence in Giving does helps identify nonprofits with real solutions. Click here to read more .

Source: Excellence in Giving

Innovest Nonprofit Spotlight - Innovest Days of Giving

This year Innovest continued our "Winter Week of GIving" tradition. On the first day of giving, Innovest sent to thee: gently used clothing and toil-let-tries. On the second day of giving, Innovest gave to thee: money to the charities we love. On the third day of giving, Innovest gave to thee: decorated Project Angel Heart bags by the tens. On the fourth day of giving, Innovest gave to thee: lunch served and encouraging words. On the fifth day of giving, Innovest gave to thee: gifts for six adopted families we bring.

Organizations that Innovest was privileged to serve during the week included the Denver Rescue Mission, Project Angel Heart, and Colorado Gives Day. For the fourth year in a row 100 percent of Innovest employees participated in the Colorado Gives Day Corporate Challenge, earning an extra day off for their birthdays. Typical of Innovest, each day employees brought in snacks to incentivize and encourage co-workers to contribute and participate in the designated actitivities.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to serve so many deserving organizations in 2017. Not only do these activities provide team-building experiences, but they provide already generous people with new opportunities to give back and find new nonprofits to support and be passionate about. Innovest is proud to be a company of generous people!