Steven Karsh, MBA, Principal

Steven Karsh

Steven is a principal at Innovest. He works as a consultant with high net worth families and nonprofits. Steve is a member of Innovest’s Capital Markets Research Group which assesses the economic and market outlook and oversees clients’ asset allocation studies and portfolio construction. He is also a member of the Due Diligence Group and Investment Committees. Prior to being a consultant, Steven oversaw the work of the research analysts and has expertise in alternative investments. He has more than 25 years of experience in investment management and research focusing on customized portfolio management and consulting for institutional and personal clients.

After earning his Master of Business Administration from George Washington University, Steven began his career at Cambridge Associates where he was a performance and equity attribution analyst. His other industry experience includes designing and trading various futures programs for a family office, client service and marketing at Fidelity, assisting the derivatives portfolio manager at the Boston Company and working as a hedge fund research analyst for Trail Ridge Capital. Steven has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investor, Employee Benefit Views, and Investment News.



Steve's Personal Code of Ethics

There are no short cuts to doing things right · Strive to gather all the necessary information before passing judgment of others · Wake up and look forward to tackling the challenges of the day · Always approach each endeavor as if you only have one chance to get it right · Failure is just an excuse for not trying hard enough · Allocate enough time to those things that make you happy · It’s later than you think but it’s never too late · I’m thankful for what I have but I should never take it for granted for it could all be gone tomorrow